Option to exclude matches from same sighting ID

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW

What would you like to see?
We’d like the option to exclude matches from within the same sighting. Similar to the checkbox for running matches against “My data” only. The option to include matches from within the same sighting would allow the researcher to do that process last, to clean up the matching from within the sighting, if they choose to.
There are often large batches of images from a single sighting and therefore many multiple images of the same animal at the same time and place. This results in those images often being all of the first 12, etc, match results through multiple iterations. Mutiple images helps to ensure that there’s at least one good one, hopefully of each viewpoint, that will be able to be matched to a possible ID’d indiv. in the database. But when running matching in the system, the researcher just wants to know if the animal(s) in that sighting are matched to any others from other sightings. Not to themselves in the same sighting.

How would this functionality help you?
There’s no real value in matching individuals to themselves from within the same sighting. The system’s value is the matching across sightings. Having this option would put higher value matches at the top of the list, which is what the researcher is really looking for. A researcher would not do matching within a sighting using their manual process so we shouldn’t be forcing them to do so in the system.
Have a look at match results for these 2 encounters from the same sighting (which has 37 encounters currently):

This might be an extension or tangentially related to this request that I replied to earlier? https://community.wildbook.org/t/batch-classification-from-camera-trap-data/96/6?u=acwadmin1

FYI - @PaulK

This is related to a broader thing I’m considering for next gen: filter match results. We’ve got some technical things to figure out and some flow things to figure out, but there’s definite benefit in doing it. The how is the question. Putting this as “under-review” because not sure how it will fit with this request specifically.

Thanks @tanyastere , I can see the relevance to a filter concept.
The other side of this issue is the likelihood of any new set of match results displaying the same sighting as the highest possible scored matches, repeatedly. Getting results that go beyond those from the same sighting is a challenge.