Other Map Layer View

Feature request template:

What Wildbook should this feature be in? Flukebook.org

What would you like to see? It would be great to have an ocean-themed map in the map view. Something that shows major bathymetric features, or even wind energy areas and sanctuaries as a base layer. Maybe just free NOAA nautical charts so there is something in reference to the pins on the map.

How would this functionality help you? It would give me a better idea of whales relative to shipping lanes, energy development, and other human uses without having to load everything in ArcGIS.

Hey @JakeLevenson!
This is a great idea. With the efforts to update the new UI, we’re looking at other map systems, and the ability to support some sort of oceanic map is one of the evaluation criteria. As we get closer to a decision made, I’ll check back in about this.