Other Values Field Not Exportable

Hi @Anastasia , @tanyastere @jason - there appears to be a related bug. The Other Values name category does not show up in the standard encounter export file. Users who will be exporting data, including Panthera, need to have a record of all merged IDs to import back into their own systems. Same with the reporting back to the French government by the lynx network @lucas represents.
Even if the ability to edit the details in the Other Values field is working as designed, these IDs should also be part of the standard export which they aren’t. To replicate my findings, use the CHAEPI example from @lucas above.


It sounds like not all data points are exportable. I only point this out to mention that it could be by design and not a bug. Have you seen examples of previous exports where merged IDs or Other Values were exported?

Lp-B-01 exports the merged ID field as an example, currently. I did several export tests today of several different animals and all other name category fields export. Only the “Other Values” name category and content, which I assume used to be the “Merged” category, does not export.

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Thanks for clarifying. I’ll see what I can find out for you.

Moving this to its own topic because this is a legitimate bug. I’ll update with ticket details soon.

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I created a ticket for this issue: Other Values field is not exportable · Issue #331 · WildMeOrg/Wildbook · GitHub

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