Photographer name cannot be added in existing encounters (it can in new ones)


I’m bringing this subject because it happens often to us. I mentionned it a few months ago in a closed subject, which was not a very smart idea now that I think about it :sweat_smile:

When entering a new encounter through “submit an encounter”, you can enter a photographer name and an email address, without these corresponding to existing user accounts.
(In fact I think it actually “creates an invisible account” with these elements.)

See here :

It is indeed saved in the encounter, see here :

If you later want to modify this email address in the encounter, you can only “remove” the Photographer’s Name+email address set :
See here :

Then you can enter only an email address and no longer a name (which you could earlier) :
(as you can see in this fake example, I first made voluntarily a mistake in the email adress that was and not But the name was right (Mikael Just an example).

So now I can do less than when I first submited the encounter :

You should be able to enter a name and email address again, like in the “submit an encounter” form. It is necessary for example if one made a mistake in the email adress on the first time. Saddly it’s an error (wrong name spelling or wrong email address) that our contributors often make.

THANKS :slight_smile:

Thanks for resurfacing this! I’ve created a ticket for this: Photographer name can't be added to an existing encounter · Issue #586 · WildMeOrg/Wildbook · GitHub

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Thanks @Anastasia :slight_smile: