Photographers and submitters bulk import troubleshooting

Hi @MarkF,

So the issue with keywords is resolved, but there are some other issues popping up with our current imports.

Each encounter should have a submitter name and a photographer name associated with it (alongside the photographer’s email address and affiliation) that was filled out in the bulk import excel sheet. However, that data was not transferred over to the grouperspotter website. Everything was formatted correctly, I believe.

I can also link the excel sheet with the information that we uploaded, but if you could help us figure this out as soon as possible, that’d be awesome.


I’d also like to point out that the photographer name that is popping up, and the information associated with it, is part of a test upload that we tried, and is not correct for that encounter. The website seems to have retained some of the information from past bulk uploads that we have already deleted, and is overlooking the current info we have for those fields.

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Glad to hear about the keywords!

Splitting this out from its parent post as a separate issue.
It would definitely help us troubleshoot if you could email the spreadsheet you’re using to and

Thank you!

@accfish does

Also we discovered you cannot upload a photographer name in the metadata of a bulk upload without an email address associated with it.

from the older post have any bearing on any of the comments/trouble above? Is this self-resolving?


We just decided to put “GMP” in the email field (Grouper Moon Project) when we don’t have the email address for the photographer on hand. I just wanted to let you know of this connection. Not sure if it is tied to the issue of the same name popping up for new bulk upload despite what we enter. Maybe it is. Maybe the name is tied to the email??? Bryant, maybe instead of putting “GMP” in the email field just repeat the person’s name if you don’t have the email address and see what happens.

Hi @accfish and @MarkF,

The tip from @accfish resolved the issue.

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