Picture book - keywords?

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

Hi, we have some users now looking to produce a photobook from their data in ACW. I see from a separate post here on the same topic (Picture book - changing or designating profile pictures and making picture book easier to view) that there may be photo keywords that can be applied in order to designate certain images as ones that are selected for the photobook - is that the case in our Wildbook as well?

If so, what are the keywords we should use?
If not, can we get this functionality in ACW?
Or, how does it work in ACW, if different?


cc: @PaulK

Hi @ACWadmin1

These are the four keywords ACW will attempt to find for an individual to include in the picture book:

#Picture Book keywords
#If not defined defaults Left, Right, Top, Front will be used
pictureBookKeywords0 = Top
pictureBookKeywords1 = Bottom
pictureBookKeywords3 = Right
pictureBookKeywords4 = Left

It is pretty easy to find them. If one or more are missing, it will also try to insert a “ProfilePhoto” keyword.

Please let me know if these need to be changed.


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Thanks @jason. We’ll try those out. If it works, then that would solve @PaulK 's feature request here: Search criteria for Photo Album of "tagged exemplar images" of ID Individuals & this report: Tagged exemplar images

I’ll let you know if we have any issues.


Hi @jason -

I’m probably doing this wrong but I’m not sure it’s working the way I expect. Here’s what I did:

I picked 6 marked individuals and added the left & right keywords to one media asset for each viewpoint. The keywords I added were: “pictureBookKeywords3 = Right” & “pictureBookKeywords4 = Left”

Then I used Search > Individual Search to select all 6 individuals with those 2 keywords in the Lycaon pictus species under the relevant UserID
the search results came back with only those 6 individuals
I clicked on the “Export” tab
I clicked on the “Photobook” > “click here” option

The resulting page has 3 images for each individual but none appear to be the media assets that I applied those pictureBookKeywords to.

What did I do wrong?


Apologies @ACWadmin1

The keywords are literally: Left, Right, Top, Bottom. They should be really easy to read.

What I sent before was a configuration code snippet, and you don’t need the “pictureBookKeywords4=” parts at all. Apologies for confusing you.

Ah, okay, I was wondering about that. Problem is that it doesn’t allow us to tag a specific subset of images to be the representative ones for that individual. I don’t suppose there’s anything like that, that would enable us to specify which images are included in the photobook?


I just checked the logic, and it grabs a random image at that keyword if more than one example of that keyword exists for the individual.

Okay makes sense. Meanwhile, I’ll add this as a feature request although I think I may have done that already so I’ll check first.

thanks tons Jason!