Possibility to change GPS coordinates sighting

Hi Anastasia,

would it be possible to change GPS coordinates for the sighting? So the location changes for all the encounters in that sighting straight away?
Now I am opening up all the encounters in the sighting and then change, but that is a lot of work if there are 10 giraffes in that sighting.


Good question. Let me see what I can find out for you.

Hi @FrederikeOtten

I’ve confirmed it’s not editable from the Sightings page but I agree that it should be. I’m updating this to a feature request so it can be considered in a future Wildbook update.

Linking to the ticket here: Coordinates are not editable at the Sighting level · Issue #370 · WildMeOrg/Wildbook · GitHub

Sorry for the late update, but this was implemented as part of the recent Wildbook 10.2.0 update