Prevent duplicate encounter submissions from users

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Regularly, duplicate encounters are created because users use “report an encounter” and press the “send encounter report” button a second time during the loading time (thinking that the first click didn’t work).

It just happened again few minutes ago. I regularly remind users not to reclick, but it seems like reminders aren’t efficient…

When we have already clicked once on “send an encounter”, we should not be able to click again on it, or at least that it should not create a second encounter identical to the previous one.

Thanks !!

Hi @Lucas

I’m not sure that’s necessarily something that we can prevent. Submitting something before a webpage has finished loading often results in the submission being sent twice, such as when submitting payment on a website. This isn’t unique to Wildbook.

Hello Anastasia,

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that in many cases it doesn’t work like that (in any case on the softwares that I use at work I know that the multiple click does not create a duplicate), so I guess a technical solution must exist.
That said I have no idea how this is achieved technically, I know little about development :slight_smile:

In any case I don’t think clicking during the loading time should create multiple encounter.
Unfortunately our users do this regularly :grimacing:

Changing this from a support request to a feature request since Encounter submissions are working as intended.