Problem with re-running identification

In which Wildbook did the issue occur?
Seal Codex

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What happened?
When I tried to re-run identification for sighting, which has 2 seals and I had to manually add annotations to animal 1 and animal 2, it says:

Something went wrong with your request.

You do not have permission to edit Sighting 2d0bcff4-559e-4534-86ef-e822269a6d06. To do this, you need an edit collaboration with any of [‘Piia Mutka’, ‘Aada-Elina Penttinen’]

I have edit permission from Aada-Elina Penttinen.
Link to sighting:

What did you expect to happen?

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Hi @PiiaMutka

I double-checked your collaboration permissions and confirmed that you have edit access with Aada-Elina. I’ll need more time to research this further.

@jason Piia has the researcher role and has an active edit collaboration with Aada-Elina Penttinen in Seal Codex. I’m not able to figure out why she’s receiving an error that says she needs edit permissions with Aada-Elina.

@Anastasia @PiiaMutka Escalating to the engineering team after testing myself.

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Hi @PiiaMutka

I just wanted to check in to let you know that this bug is still being worked on. We haven’t forgotten about you! Thanks for your patience while we continue to resolve this.

We’re still working on this and hope to have a resolution soon. :crossed_fingers:


This happened again:

Link to sighting:

There was accidentally 2 seals under 1 animal, so before this error I added second animal and moved 2 annotations to it.

Second time it happened on this sighting:

I added new animal also here, but didn’t move any annotations to it.


Thanks, @PiiaMutka

I’ve shared this with the team. I’ll let you know as soon as we have a fix in place for this.

Has there been any progress with this problem?


Thanks for checking in, Piia.

It looks like this bug fix has been temporarily put on hold while work on Scout has been prioritized. I’m waiting to hear back on an estimate for when we can pick this up again.

I’m sorry about the unusually long wait for a resolution.

It looks like we’ll have the bandwidth to work on this bug sometime in March. I’ll check in when I have any updates.

Hi @PiiaMutka

I wanted to give you an update to let you know that we’ll need more time to work on this.

Hi @PiiaMutka

We’ve been working on this issue recently but have been unable to re-create the original error you saw (You do not have permission to edit Sighting…). Can you try re-running the ID on the sighting links you posted and let us know if the error still appears?

If it does, we’ll be able to capture it in our logs and get closer to finding out the cause. If it doesn’t, then we’ll tentatively assume that this may have been addressed by a previous, unrelated update to Codex.


It seems that I can now re-run identification without problems (from links of first post), only that there seems to be almost 20 000 jobs in queue. But re-running identification doesn’t give any error messages.


Thanks for the quick follow-up! And for letting us know the queue count is off. There are no active jobs in the seal queue right now. In the last 12 hours, only 179 jobs were submitted and completed. There’s already a ticket where we’re tracking the work on that specific issue: Identification status bar does not report malformed information, misrepresenting queue time and jobs · Issue #518 · WildMeOrg/codex-frontend · GitHub

I’m going to resolve this as the root of the issue preventing you from initially re-running IDs seems to be working now.

Edited to add the link to the original ticket for reference: Codex prompts user to start an edit collaboration with a user they already have an edit collaboration with · Issue #872 · WildMeOrg/houston · GitHub