Question re: collaborations

What Wildbook are you working in? Whiskerbook (WKB)

A new organization to WKB is testing out various functionality and discovered an unexpected constraint with collaborations.

3 users each from the same organization, one of whom has OrgAdmin status, each contributed an encounter to the same ID’d individual while they each had an edit collaboration with each other.

Then one edit level collaboration was revoked. After that, all 3 users found that none of them had edit access to the individual anymore (including the user with OrgAdmin access). It was only once that edit-level collaboration was restored that edit access to that Marked Individual was restored.

Is this as designed? The concern is around times when one user might leave the organization which owns the data uploaded under their user ID.

If this is as designed, would it be possible to grant the OrgAdmin level role, edit access to all data uploaded by users who are members of that organization?


cc: @Lucas & @PaulK

Hey @ACWadmin1 ,
I got a little lost in the middle, so I need to clarify. It sounds like we start with three users: UserA UserB and UserC (UserC is an OrgAdmin)

  1. These users confirm Edit level collaborations with each other
  2. UserA submits EncA, UserB submits EncB, and UserC submits EncC
  3. EncA, EncB, and EncC are all found to be of the same animal, and are matched as IndividualOne
  4. All users revoke the Edit level collaboration with each other
  5. Now no one can edit IndividualOne

Is that accurate?


Hi @tanyastere , how are you? You’re correct on all points except #4. Only one user revoked the edit permission from one of the other users.