Release notes - August 2022

Release notes for August 2022
Hey everyone! Here are the details of the major work completed over the last month. Codex notes are posted with each software release. Wildbook and WBIA are added at the end of the month.

Software DOIs for August release
To reference Wildbook in a publication, use the following DOIs:

  • Wildbook DOI: DOI
  • Related WBIA DOI: DOI

Codex Release Notes
There are no updates to Codex this month.

Individual Wildbook Updates

  • Researchers now have the ability to resend bulk imports to ID.
  • New locations have been added on IoT and MantaMatcher.

Wildbook Bug Fixes

  • WB-1989: Seadragon Search users can once again opt out of email notifications.
  • WB-1976: IoT’s encounter search can be successfully exported again.

Wildbook-IA Release Notes
There are no updates to WBIA this month.