Release Notes - March 2023

Release notes for April 2023

Wild Me brings you support for additional species in Wildbook, new machine learning, greater stability for Wildbook Image Analysis (WBIA), and many other improvements across our products.

Software DOIs for April release

To reference Wildbook in a publication, use the following DOIs:

  • Wildbook DOI: DOI
  • Related WBIA DOI: DOI

Wildbook Updates

  • New species added to Wildbooks:

    • Southern tiger cats (Leopardus guttulus) are now supported in Whiskerbook. This experiment cross-applied ML.
    • Spotted seals (Phoca largha) are now supported in Seal Codex.
    • Tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) have new machine learning (ML) detection in Sharkbook.
  • New Pose Invariant Embeddings (PIE) v2 algorithm has been developed for new individual identification of these species:

    • Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Flukebook.
    • Pacific white-sided dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) in Flukebook.
  • New study sites added to Whiskerbook, GiraffeSpotter, Flukebook, GrouperSpotter, and Seal Codex.

  • Exception handling in MetricsBot is improved.

  • Page mappings are improved for greater security following a review of Wildbook security.

Wildbook Bug Fixes

  • Database connection handling for ID jobs is improved for greater stability.
  • Encounter and Individual Search now display matching haplotypes in the key consistently.
  • When importing individuals with multiple names/IDs, name fields can now be left empty in the bulk import spreadsheet.
  • Names on individual profile pages can now include special characters.
  • The latest end-of-day time option is corrected to 23:59 for searching Encounters by date.

Wildbook Image Analysis (WBIA) Updates

WBIA Bug Fixes

  • Synchronization of classes between Wildbook and WBIA for ML model cross-application is improved, bringing you a more stable database and more useful match results.
  • Nightly builds in WBIA are uninterrupted with improved build dependencies.
  • WBIA interface configuration fixes have been made in Codex, especially spatial verification for zebras and seals.

Codex Updates

  • PATCH API has improved handling.

Codex Bug Fixes

  • Individuals can now only be merged with other Individuals.
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