Request to access encounters by others as Admin

What Wildbook should this feature be in?
Bull Rays

What would you like to see?
As admin of a wildbook, ability to edit, approve, flag or delete encounters fron N/A submitters and the public.

How would this functionality help you?

We work with rotating interns who do visual surveys and upload the images. As suggested by another post i linked my account to theirs and can edit what interns post up, but sometimes they let themselves log off their intern account and continue uploading so we have no submitter. They sometimes make mistakes and I’d like to clear them i.e. same encounter twice, or no sex or they forget to approve the encounter. Also the public sometimes uploads multiple times by accident (i think) because they continuously press the upload button. So i’d like to be able to delete these or be able to approve them.

For now if i could just get access to the following so i can delete repeats and approve new sightings it would be great: