Requesting for new location in Giraffespotter

Hi, I am writing to request for new location addition for Giraffespotter for the project I am working on in Kenya in Athi-Kapiti Plains

  1. Swara Plains Conservancy
  2. Maanzoni Wildlife Conservancy
  3. Lukenya Wildlife Conservancy
  4. Kapiti Plains Estate
  5. Lukenya Hill Conservancy
  6. Machakos Ranching
  7. Lisa Ranch
  8. Astra Ranch
    Thank you so much

Hi @Aggrey

Is there a prefix for region-based naming on these? If so, I’ll need the prefix for each of these new regions before I can add them.

Hi Anastasia,
Thank you for reaching out.
There are no prefixes, but just to give additional information, all these conservancies are located on the southern part of Kenya, in the Athi-Kapiti Plains in Machakos County. You can please advice on how best to go about it.
Thank you so much.

Ok, that’s helpful, thanks!

I was thinking of putting a new sub-region under Kenya so that the hierarchy would look like:

Kenya > Athi-Kapiti Plains > [conservancy name]

I can likely get this taken care of by the end of today.

Thanks for your patience! I’ve added the new locations to Giraffespotter.

Hi Anastasia thank you so much for all the help.

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