Roles and permissions in Whiskerbook


First of all, many thanks to the developers for developing Whiskerbook, this advanced and very useful tool !

What Wildbook should this feature be in?
=> Whiskerbook

What would you like to see?
We tested the roles in Whiskerbook and it seems to us that they are not active yet.

We made a table to summarize the permissions we would need to assign. There is necessarily a link with the other topic “Avoid errors in the identification of individuals”, but this one is centered on roles and permissions.

Please, feel free to say if there are points to clarify, English is not my mother tongue.

How would this functionality help you?

This functionality would be extremely useful to us. It would allow us to manage the roles and permissions, to avoid data leaks (in particular gps coordinates of endangered animals and expensive materials) and to ensure the robustness of the database (role of “data manger”, who is responsible for the technical quality of the database).

Thanks :blush:

Thanks for these ideas Lucas. I know we have requested a more granular user security model for ACW so I will ask Maureen @ACWadmin1 to also look at this proposal to see if we can further support it with WildMe.

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Thanks Paul !

If you have specific needs regarding permissions or if adjustments to this proposal would be helpful, I can edit the table to include them. :+1: