Seal Codex missing individuals

In which Wildbook did the issue occur?
Seal Codex

What happened?
We seem to have only 97 known Saimaa ringed seal individuals instead of 496. I was doing manually updates on individual metadata on last Friday 10.3. but there are individuals missing that I didn’t update and individuals still in Codex that I did update. I don’t think there were missing individuals on Friday.

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hi piia. where exactly were you seeing these 97 individuals? currently when i search on explore individuals and filter down to Pusa hispida saimensis, i see 498 results. so i am wondering if maybe you are referring to some other query returning 97, or maybe when you saw that, there was an error in the search index at that time.


This resolved by itself yesterday during my work day. In the morning I couldn’t see all individuals in explore individuals page and I couldn’t find them with direct name/code search either. No matter what I did, it always showed that there are only 97 Saimaa ringed seals/Pusa hispida saimensis and missing ones couldn’t be found on direct search. At some point hours later they were all there again, showing on individual explore and through direct search too. I was doing other stuff in the mean time, so I’m not sure how long that lasted.

But all seems fine again, they are still all showing there :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the update @PiiaMutka!