Seal Codex: missing individuals

In which Wildbook did the issue occur?
Seal Codex

What happened?
Some Pusa hispida saimensis individuals are missing from database, for example Phs221. There are 454 individuals showing and there should be at least 499. (I don’t remember if I added more new individuals before summer holidays)

For some reason individuals also show in quite random order in explore individuals result table, no matter if you click “Name” column to rearrange them.

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Hi @PiiaMutka

I also see 454 individuals for Pusa hispida saimensis. I managed to find Phs221 after sorting by name and finding her near the bottom of the list of results, but you’re right that it didn’t place them in alphabetical order. It sounds like there are multiple search-related issues here:

  1. An Individual search of Phs221 shows no results (quick search bar and Explore Individuals page)
  2. An Explore Individuals search for Pusa hispida saimensis only shows 454 results when it should be closer to 499
  3. Sorting the above search results by name doesn’t actually display Individual names in alphabetical order

Have I summarized this correctly?

Yes, you summarized correctly.


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Thanks! It looks like there’s a related ticket for #1, a related draft for #2 because we’ve seen similar reports from Zebra Codex, and #3 is a new bug that I’ve added a draft for. I’ve linked them all in this ticket and I’ll update this post once these are resolved.


Is there any progress with this issue? I have been able to go around this problem by searching individuals by sex, it seems it shows all females/males/unknowns but the order in which they show in results table is not correct.

But, I can not identify or manually assign sightings to individual, for example here:

This is Phs415 but when trying to manually assign it, it says:
“Your search “Phs415” did not match any individuals.”

So at the moment working with Seal Codex is pretty difficult.


Hi @PiiaMutka

This fix will be part of the upcoming Codex 2.1 release and is being worked on, but not yet resolved.

I’ve updated the ticket above to include the example that this is also impacting individual animal assignments. I’m sorry about the friction this has added to your workflow. I’ll update here as soon as I have an update.

Hi @PiiaMutka

Thanks for your patience. This bug has been fixed and you should be able to search for specific Individuals, sort your search results in a consistent way, and see a consistent number of Individuals in the database in a general search.

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