Seal Codex: Some individuals don't show in individual search result table

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After 2.1 update a bigger problem with individual search seems to be resolved, but minor occurred. Last night, it seemed like I could retrieve all individuals with a direct individual search. However, when I used the species filter to get all Pusa hispida saimensis individuals, I still only got 458 individuals in the result table, and it appeared that at least individuals from Phs473 to Phs496 were missing from the table. I was, however, able to access the individual pages of these missing individuals through a direct individual search. On the individual pages, I noticed that they were missing the new “Codex-ID.”

This morning the problem has escalated. The species search only yields 86 individuals in the result table, and I can no longer find, for example, the seal Phs474 individual page at all, even with a direct search. Individuals seem to be missing here and there from all over the list, from Phs001 to Phs499.

EDIT: At the moment result table again shows 458 individuals and direct search gives again also individuals that are still missing from result table when filtering all Pusa hispida saimensis. (Phs473 to Phs496)

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Hi @PiiaMutka

After additional research, it looks like the seals missing from the search without Codex-IDs assigned are missing a taxonomy. We recently (sometime this year, I believe) made the species value required when editing an individual. However, there previously uploaded individuals from before this requirement was set could still be missing their taxonomy. We found 87 incomplete individuals, which I can email you as a list.

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Now I can see only those Phs-seals that I was able to fix and two Phoca vitulina seals in individual search result table without any filters on. With Pusa hispida saimensis filter on, I can see those 22 individuals I just fixed.

With direct search I can also find those that show in result table but I can’t find for example Phs221.

This seems to change a lot. Now I can see 480 Pusa hispida saimensis individuals and direct search is also working normally.

I haven’t been able to replicate this issue. When I search for all Individuals, I see results for 596 Individuals. After fixing one of the examples you emailed me about that you couldn’t update, I correctly see 481 individuals when filtering for Pusa hispida saimensis.

Can you try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies after you’re done assigning the species to the remaining Saimaa seals? This could explain the varying search results you see if your browser is only displaying cached search results.

This problem went away without me doing anything. (Do those cache or cookies clear automatically with time?) The number of individuals showing in results table with or without filters changed during the day and in the late afternoon with Pusa hispida saimensis individuals, everything started to work as it should. So this seems to be resolved :slight_smile:


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Depending on your browser’s settings, they can be set to clear whenever you close your browser.

I’m glad everything is working as expected; thanks for the update!