Search results to display only records I have access to

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW

What would you like to see?
When viewing search results, ex. unapproved encounters, do not display results that I don’t have access to.

How would this functionality help you?
With multiple species and multiple researchers, currently the search results seem to default to the latest uploaded, ex for unapproved encounters. That can show a VERY long list of other researchers’ data that I don’t need to see and should not see.
The problem is that in order to get to just my results, I either have to filter on my userID or go to “My submissions”. The problem with the latter is that I may not be the submitter but there may be submissions from the public that have been assigned to me that I want to review. Having search results only display records that I have access to would help speed up the review process and eliminate the frustration of having to weed through reams of other researchers’ records. Below is a screenshot example - I’m signed in as gabriele but the results I see when I select “View unapproved encounters” are per the screenshot below.

I can see the value in being able to only see your own data, but that seems like something you should be able to filter by, rather than it being the only state.

This can currently be accomplished in the encounter search using “unapproved” and “assigned to” yourself in the metadata section of search:

This is also addressed in a more integrated fashion in the next-gen UI. So I’m going to mark this as implemented since it exists in both platform states.