Selected match candidate not loading in codex

Hi team,
@jon and @Anastasia
Kindly check for me why the selected match candidate is not loading and yet the annotation box and the individual is changing from rank 1 to 20.
Below are the screenshots and the link.

Match results for sighting 57b10faf-5800-4f94-b83b-249df2ce5149 • Zebra Codex (


Thanks for letting us know, @Rosemary

I’m escalating this as we’ve had some reports of the same issue happening in Seal Codex. I’ll follow up when I have more details.

This has been fixed now. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you for the quick response.
Kindly check on identification process, it’s very slow. I have several in progress since Jan 26th.


It definitely shouldn’t be taking that long to process. Can you post link to a few of the ones that are stuck in progress so I can find what’s happening with them?

OK, so it looks like the slow processing is related to a user who uploaded several thousand encounters at once a few days ago. The system is going through them as quickly as it can, but it may take a few more days for that backlog to clear. That person was already advised to make smaller uploads in the future.

Thank you, we shall wait for it to clear.

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