Slider for scrolling thru search results is not easy to use

What Wildbook should this feature be in? All? ACW

What would you like to see? It would be great to have a more common scroll function that is less clunky.
I use the search function to find records all the time. Unfortunately, if there are more than 10, then scrolling to the next set (11-21) is difficult and you can’t just click below the slider on the bar because that takes you beyond the next 10 results.

How would this functionality help you? Easier on users’ fingers and less frustrating on a daily basis

Yes, 100% yes. This is frustrating every time you access a search page. We have already resolved it in next-gen, and I am trying to find a way to pull it into the current generation without having to rewrite each page separately to get it in. We’re tracking this under WB-774.

Hi, @ACWadmin1 (and I believe that @Carol has also reported this issue on SAS USA)!

The ticket that actually resolved this was WB-1479. It’s been deployed on both ACW and SAS USA (and will make its way to the other wildbooks as well as they are updated).


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Sounds great! What exactly got changed, so I know what to look for?

thanks @MarkF & @tanyastere

Hi, @ACWadmin1 !
Good question. WB-1479 fixed a bug with the Firefox browser where the scrollwheel on a mouse wasn’t responding to our table scrolling.


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