Split Indonesia into Major Regions

What Wildbook should this feature be in?
Manta Matcher

What would you like to see?
Split region “Indonesia” into major regions:

  • Komodo
  • Nusa Penida
  • Raja Ampat
  • Sangalaki

How would this functionality help you?
As these catalogues are growing considerably, this will enable regional matching, which will speed up the matching process and also provide region-specific notification emails

We’ve accepted this request! To track the request, provide us with the following ticket number:


The timeline for this request is sometime in the coming year. When we have more specifics, or if the target timeline changes, we will update this post.

As of today, Indonesia has been split into the major regions, as can be seen in this screenshot!

Thank you! I think this will make @E.Germanov very happy.

Will I need to assign new permissions to the researchers in Indonesia? If so @E.Germanov can you please let me know what accounts should get permissions for which areas. I should know most, but just in case…

HI guys, Thanks for this!
@AFlam I think all the MMF accounts should have access to all the regions as we help to work on all of them. Steph and Rob more on Raja, but down the line we might be needing to help them with public submissions.

Can you please give me a list of the accounts that are currently able to access and their permission levels…my memory gets fuzzy over the years!

Oh and some of the Penida mantas go to Komodo and vice versa… I guess this split won’t affect how these encounters are stored?

@AFlam and @E.Germanov,
We were able to go through and update the location permissions of users who signed in over the last year and a half. Anyone who had the Indonesia location permission has access to the new regions.

Additionally, we used the verbatim description to process the encounters and update their LocationIDs. It’s worth looking them over to verify, but we believe all of this has been taken care of as part of the implementation.