Spot-a-shark: Pending ScanTasks not completing

Hi again Colin!

Everything seems to be functioning normal except for Pending ScanTasks in the SharkGrid.
I go through the process of spot mapping and send it to the Grid, but progress stays stuck on zero, no matter how long I wait, refresh, or which encounter I send to the grid.
I’ve tried restarting my computer and using a different browser, but the problem remains.
Here is a screenshot of what I mean:

Would you like me to start a new bug report for this?

Thanks a million,

No need to start a new bug report since you provided so much detail in your comment. I’m going to split your comment off this thread into a new one so we can track it. Ticket number is WB-964.

Our grid client was stale and no longer responding for spotashark and whaleshark. I restarted it and see it now slowly working through jobs on both platforms.