Spot A Shark picutre download

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When mapped photos go to the shark grid, that is in the Australian site. I can not download picxutres of my USA sharks from the Australian platform even though the filename button shows up. Is there a way I can download from the SAS Wildbook. Now the only way to get the original image file is to go back to the SAS USA page, do an encounter search and then download from there. It is time consuming, but not that horrible. Just thought if it was an easy fix I’d ask.
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Hey Carol,
We can absolutely get that fixed for you. We’ll be tracking this work under WB-943.

Hi @Carol,

Thanks for being so patient on this. I’ve done a partial upgrade of the Spot A Shark AUS platform
to fix the issue you mentioned with imaged downloads, and also add several other rounds of
improvements. Notably, restoring images of the spot mapped results with modern code now that
Flash is no longer supported.

Thanks, hope you are well!