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We are using Amphibian and Reptile Wildbook for our work with fire salamanders in Bielefeld, Germany. Within our location (BGBi) we have two projects (Botanical Garden Adults and Botanical Garden Surroundigs Adults).

We need to compare the matching results of each encounter to all pictures from both projects. When opening the Match results – Latest Results a dropdown table appears offering the option to choose the project with which the picture should be compared with. The default is the current project: the project the encounter is assigned to.

Is there a possibility to change the default option in this drop-down list to None Selected or to the location instead of the project? Right now, we have to change the setting for each encounter when opening the Match Results. Since both projects contain a high number of encounters (currently 4,500 and 360) and over 2500 encounters still need to be matched, it would save a lot of time to adjust this setting. Changing the option in the dropdown list always causes the website to reload and these waiting times really add up when you have to go through so many encounters.

I hope you can help us with this.


Kind Regards from Germany


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No, not when you click on the match results directly from the project page. In order to see matches outside of a project or by location, you’ll need to click on the encounter link from the project table and then view the match results directly from the encounter page.

Although there’s a workaround for what you’re asking for, I’m updating this to a Feature Request since it involves a change to the current way projects are managed.

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This would be a great feature to have! We will be looking to matching across catalogues with the pilot whales as well (in the future). This would be particularly useful in the case of rare observations in the Azores, etc. where we could match individuals to several catalogues after uploading without having to go through each specific encounter.

Thank you, we’re going to try if that’s faster than the way, we’re currently using.

Thank you for that as well! For future research it would definitely be helpful to be able to set the default option for each project individually.

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