Sub-Adult as a different colour under Mapped Results

What Wildbook should this feature be in?
Amphibian and Reptile Wildbook
What would you like to see?
Under Mapped Results in the Search Results, we can colour encounters/individuals by sex: male/female/unknown. It would be great to have sub-adult (small post-metamoprhs) as a lifestage where sex is unidentifiable, yet.
How would this functionality help you?
A large portion of our fire salamander populations’ individuals are sub-adults. This would help distinguish between adults of unknown sex and sub-adults where the sexual dimorphism isn’t quite developed, yet.

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Hi @Max.Muehlenhaupt ! Thanks for submitting this!
I think we could accommodate an option that shows the different life stage designations. If you’re asking for it to show a cross section between two different fields, though, that is a much bigger request and something I would want to leave for Codex development.
If the simple life stage option will get you where you’re going, though, let me know, and @Anastasia and I will figure out when it can get fit into the development schedule.

All the best!
~ Tanya

Hi Tanya,
thank you. I think a simple distinction between life stages (sal:unknown, sal:larvae, sal:post-metamorph, sal:adult) under mapped results should be fine for the start.

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