Support for how to download data with alternative ID listed and with encounter status listed

What Wildbook are you working in? SHARKBOOK

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred? Sharkbook: Wildbook for Sharks | Login

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing? When I download the data to excel, I cannot see all the information - such as the encounter status (i.e. Approved, Unapproved, Unidentifiable) and I cannot see the Alternative ID associated with the shark within the downloaded file. There also appears to be an error in receiving the email address of photographer/submitter as it is blank when it should not be.

Hi @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark

There’s an open feature request open for exporting all available metadata for an encounter: Being able to export the photographer name (and all the data)

We’re aware that not all data is exportable and we plan on addressing that in a future Wildbook release.

I’m going to mark this closed so we can track the efforts in the main thread linked above.