The dead lynx will never come back (unfortunately)


I want to report a bug that I think is important, even if its treatment is certainly not the most urgent.

An animal declared dead in Whiskerbook continues to appear in match results of encounters that occured after the date of its death.

How I know it’s dead : saddly we lost our beloved 3111 on the highway (January 20, 2024), and i’m 100% sure, as you can see here : Isère. Un lynx percuté sur l'autoroute A43

(if you’re an admin you can also see the identification in the encounter 1a9abdcf-b096-431c-96f8-07558462bf2f)

As we work with a government agency, we are very often aware of dead lynx found and we can take pictures and identify them. We are therefore certain that they are indeed dead, since it is the French biodiversity office which recovers the bodies.


Although declared dead (see above), 3111 is still offered to us in match results, this has happened several times, while we can be certain that he cannot appear in an encounter which took place after his date of death. See for example:

(the first picture showed on the right is the now dead 3111 while on the left it is AINTHI on february 4, 2024, two weeks after the death of 3111)

Beyond this example, what concerns me is that the situation will repeat itself and that in a few years Whiskerbook will very logically know more dead lynx than alive lynx. If they appear in the match results even when we know they are dead, it will become very difficult to make matches !

(One solution for us to work around this issue would be to manually remove all annotations from the individual’s photos. But when I see that for example “CHACOR” has 230 encounters, I think that the day he dies we will spend hours removing annotations.)

Hi @Lucas

RIP 3111 :pensive:

Great callout; this isn’t technically a bug because we don’t currently exclude deaths from match results.

The reason is that reported deaths are relatively uncommon in Wildbooks and we account for the possibility that the death date was incorrectly assigned. Eventually we will configure match sets so that individuals that are reported as deceased when the Encounter occurred will be excluded by default. Unfortunately, until that’s in place, you may occasionally see dead individuals appear in match results.

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Thanks Anastasia :+1::+1:

This is not yet an urgent problem, for the moment as we have only put current lynx in the database, so the situation does not present itself much for now. It is especially over time that it will become complicated.

Hopefully we’ll have this addressed before it becomes a problem, but it’s on our radar as a future Wildbook improvement.

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Awesome, thanks Anastasia :slight_smile: :+1:

Updating to a Feature Request.

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