Third party Quil editor bug popped up

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? Kitizen Science.

What operating system were you using? MacOS 10.14.6.

What web browser were you using? Tried in Chrome 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (x86_64) and Safari Version 13.0.1 (14608.

What is your role on the site? Admin/researcher.

What happened? A third party WYSIWYG text editor (based on Quil, modified by another programmer) Jon had inserted into my Wildbook pages for controlling text/images has developed a problem with image alignments some time in the last few months. If I’m trying to edit the alignment of images in Quil on the “show text” (WYSIWYG) option, assigning a left alignment to one image incorrectly assigns a left alignment to all images on the page. On most of the pages on my website, I can then just fix this by instead going into the “show HTML” option and addressing it that way. However, one of my pages is really long (, and trying to open the “show html” option crashes Chrome or Safari. So this problem is occurring on other pages (meaning it’s something overall with this Quil code, not just on one page), but it’s is fixable with making those edits in the HTML option on other pages.

What did you expect to happen? I should be able to select image alignment for any image I insert into a page, with each image on a page having its own alignment. (So, I should be able to have a page with two images, one of which is right aligned and one left aligned.) I’ve wondered if something accidentally got changed in my backend that changed how this works because I’m having other customizations done by Wildbook at the moment.

What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue? I’d prefer this is not reproduced on my live website, but assuming there’s a sandboxed version of everything on the dev server, try uploading images and setting their alignments or editing the alignments of images already in a page.


Hey @SabrinaAeluro,
Any idea when this started cropping up? If it’s been for a few months, then I doubt the work we’re doing now is causing it.

I’m not sure when it started. I don’t think I’ve edited any of my pages in a few months, so I can’t pinpoint when the bug popped up.

Gotcha. Okay, I’ll get someone to look at this (tracking under WB-1248). With it being holiday week, will not have an answer on what it happening until Monday.

Actually, I just did some digging into the quill open issues, and I am curious: are you trying to use Justify alignment? @SabrinaAeluro

The Quill version I am using is not the off-the-shelf version Quill. In order to be able to upload images onto a Wildbook site, Job said there was some reason the way Quill did that couldn’t work, so I had another programmer create a modification to that. So, FYI that the issue at hand may or may not be the same issue as others have had with an off-the-shelf install of Quill.

The way I had been using my modified Quill allowed me to either edit things in the WYSIWYG mode, including inserting new images, or edit things in the HTML mode. In the former, I just click on an email and set its alignment, like so:

That had been working fine initially, but something is going on now where setting the alignment for one image changes it for all images on that page.

Hey @SabrinaAeluro,
We took a loot at this, and Jon gave me a breakdown of the context of what got added.
Image alignment is not supported by Quil at all; that was something added by us, but developed by a 3rd party. We have a rough idea of where the issue is and a guess of what the problem is:

the (custom/additional) ui that pops up to allow modification of alignment on images triggers (i think!) this code to modify css. it must be doing this modification to all images on page?

But this isn’t really our code. Do you have contact with that 3rd party developer still?

My version of Quill has some customizations with the images so I know it’s not an out-of-the-box install. I know Quill customizations are not Wildbook’s issue to maintain, except that the image alignment was working fine a few months ago, but has ceased working. I’m wondering if there’s something in my in-progress new Wildbook customizations that caused that complication, since it wasn’t broken before these latest Wildbook customizations started. I’m happy to talk with the other developer, but he had gotten it working perfectly, and now something is disrupting that. It’s the finding that something I was hoping someone on Wildbook’s end might be able to troubleshoot.

Hi, @SabrinaAeluro and @tanyastere !
I’m going to take this off our plate and close this ticket. Is that ok?

Can confirm you can close, thank you Mark!

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