Tweet a Whale for Right Whales

What Wildbook should this feature be in? Flukebook

What would you like to see? Tweet a Whale functionality for right whales

How would this functionality help you? It would be a streamlined approach to matching one whale and we would like to try and see if it can work in the field while on a boat/plane in cell phone range

In order to move forward, the curators of the North Atlantic Right Whale photo catalog have asked for this modification:

In the blue section at the top of the results page, I suggest changing the current wording from “The matches on this page are preliminary and must be confirmed by the NEAq before they are added to the NARWC” to “The results below are potential matches and should be referred to as such. The images and data need to be submitted to the New England Aquarium before the identification can be confirmed and included in the NARWC. To submit your sighting, click here” URL link is: NARWC Opp Sightings Form

Hi @christin.khan,
We’d be happy to get this going. We will be creating a ticket to track the addition of whale species WB-1203. I’ll report back here when it’s implemented.
The copy update is a lower priority, but I’m adding it to the queue. We’ll be tracking that work separately under WB-1204. I will report back here when we address it.

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I’m not quite following you about the two different tickets and what you mean by “copy update” – could you please clarify?


“Copy update” is in reference to the language change you are requesting. We call that the user interface copy.
We use an internal ticket tracking system for work that we are doing. We provide the ticket numbers to you so if you need to follow up at any point or if something seems different down the road, you can reference it and we can more easily find reference to it in the system.
I break work into different tickets based on what needs to be done. This request involves a configuration update to add new species, and a change to the front end code to update the copy. They don’t directly impact each other, so it is two tickets.

Just circling back to this thread to ensure that the copy update WB-1204 happens before or in conjunction with the addition of the right whales species to the Tweet-a-Whale feature WB-1203 as the community is not comfortable going live without the requested language associated. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I thought I replied to this when you wrote it. We now have these two tickets linked, so the work will be done at the same time.

Perfect, thanks Tanya!