Unable to Add User

In GiraffeSpotter I get redirected to a blank screen after trying to add a new user. After refreshing the page, the user is not created. Is this a bug or a limitation on my profile?

Hey Jenna,
I reviewed your permissions and you should be able to add a user. Is there any chance you could send the url and a screenshot of what you’re seeing?
I am also experiencing some weirdness in that I can create a user but not delete them, so I have a feeling something is up, whatever that may be. I’ll get a ticket made once we have the resources from you so someone can get digging.

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for looking into this! Below is the page I get after I fill out the add user details and submit.

Hey Jenna,
After a lot of trying things, I think I can confidently say this is a bug. We’re tracking the fix with WB-1175, and we’ll update you here when we get a resolution.

Hey @jenna,
We believe this issue has been resolved. Can you confirm that you’re able to create a user?


Thanks @tanyastere! I was able to successfully create a user.

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