Unidirectional data sharing

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW / all?

What would you like to see?
The option for unidirectional data sharing

How would this functionality help you?
We have a number of commercial organizations looking to use ACW for the relevant wildlife on their properties and who also want to share that data with local conservation organizations to support regional conservation efforts and policy. The users from these reserves are not researchers and do not want or need access to the conservation organizations that they are sharing their data with. And the conservation organizations want access to this data from privately owned reserves but do not want it if it means they have to share their data on ACW with the reserves.

These reserves want to retain ownership of their data but are very willing to share it with accredited conservationists and researchers of the species. The individuals from these properties who approach us for use of ACW are also willing to curate their data so as not to add that burden to the data donation. These individuals are all qualified to process the data accurately in ACW.

Without unidirectional data sharing as an option, we’ll need to create workarounds that could include multiple user accounts for researchers & conservationists and other options, all of which, as far as we can see, come with functional and usability compromises.

In the last ~2mths, we’ve added 3 new private safari organizations, 2 of which have massive land holdings in multiple African countries, so their data would be hugely valuable to conservation, especially when they are also going to do the data curation - matching and IDs of the animals in the photos that they upload.

We’d like to bring on board more organizations like these but the conservationists with whom they would share the data require unidirectional data sharing to secure their own organization’s data.

Maureen & Paul

cc: @PaulK