Update species names on MantaMatcher

Hi team!

Wildbook: Manta Matcher

More of a cosmetic bug, but is it possible to update the species names on Manta Matcher from “Manta alfredi” and “Manta birostris” to “Mobula alfredi” and “Mobula birostris” please? The taxonomic revision happened in 2018 and it would be great to get this updated on Manta Matcher.


Hi Steph! Welcome to the Community. Thanks for supporting the new process.

That is a pretty minor-but important issue. I’ve created a ticket to address the issue, WB-268. We will get this prioritized quickly and I’ll get back to you with a timeline as soon as we do!
Thanks so much :smiley:

Hi Steph,

This is now fixed on MantaMatcher. Please let me know if you see any other old Taxonomy references.


Amazing! Thanks Jason, I will keep an eye out for any references and let you know.