Update to MM Logo

What Wildbook should this feature be in? Manta Matcher

What would you like to see? The logo has been updated to reflect the “other rays”, but the typeface was changed to a different serif font, and due to the extra length it’s overlapping the manta now (see screenshot). Could we change the typeface back to a sans-serif font so it fits with the rest of the design? I believe Hege was using Open Sans in the original design. It also needs a little resizing for a better fit (before it was ending at the “r” in Matcher).

How would this functionality help you? It would look nicer :wink:

Hey @AFlam!

Go ahead and give your browser a hard refresh to see the new logo. Let me know if it looks alright.


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Ahhhhh, there it is! Looking great now. Thanks

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