Upside down annotations

Thanks Tanya, in regard to problem 2, its no worries here doing it manually. we just didnt go ahead with all of them yet because the ones we had changed did not seem to be ‘right’. I’m still worried that there is an issue and I’m not sure if its related to problem 1… after rotating and doing new searches, all ‘fixed’ images only seem to get 1-2 or no image matches. It just doesn’t seem right, because it’s consistent/widespread with nearly all the encounters we had flagged with the upside down image problem initially. For example, this encounter- all head annotations here have crap matches
why is this happening? is it related to the exif issue? thanks

Hi Tanya, another example of ‘weird’ behaviour here. This is a set of match results for a new encounter, not affected previously by this issue. Check out match #4, which appears to be a normal head. However, when you click on ‘inspect’ you see a match to an upside down tail. When i go to all three encounters of this individual, there are no upside images left on any of its encounters…

Its hard to understand what is happening.

@Tanya, here is another example, where images have few or no matches. This is a new one, that wasnt affected by any initial upside down images, but the results look like they demonstrate the same issue. hopefully this encounter can help get at the issue with less confounding information. When this encounter was uploaded, the system created a series of clones. I deleted these, but the initial original encounter has no matches. thanks, this is a persistent issue that is really getting me down.