Upside down annotations

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? SeadragonSearch

What operating system were you using? (eg. MacOS 10.15.3) mac

What web browser were you using? (eg. Chrome 79) chrome

What is your role on the site? (admin, researcher, etc) admin

What happened? the annotation turned images upside down! this is a new one for me LOL

What did you expect to happen? not to feel seasick

What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue? stand on your head

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to with the email subject line matching your bug report

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Hey Nerida,
This is a more complex issue than the annotation being upside down. We’re doing a lot of work with image metadata manipulation, and this is an outlier issue to have sprung up. We’re tracking this with WB-1136, and we’ll keep you updated here.

Great, thank you Tanya!

Hi Tanya, any further progress on this one? We had quite a few submissions affected today.

Sorry Nerida, we had another issue crop up that needed the attention of the person who is most familiar with exif hell. I will redirect him to this Monday.


Hey @NeridaWilson,
The first link you sent us seems to have been deleted. We found and are working from this encounter:
Can you confirm that this matches the behavior that needs to be addressed? And also make sure it doesn’t get deleted?


Hi Tanya, most of the earlier ones have now ‘righted’ themselves. But the most recent batch are still akimbo. Try:

@NeridaWilson do you know when those went in?

do you mean the older ones that have fixed themselves? some of those were around 8 Nov. But the latest ones came in post upgrade, mostly over the 5-8th Dec. Dates should be in metadata of each encounter

I meant the latest ones. We put in a fix Monday. If the latest batch were before that, then we can’t use them as confirmation, but I will go through and fix them.

If a new batch comes in, keep an eye out for this in the next batch or two and we’ll use that as confirmation that things are resolved.


Ok that makes sense. Looking at the date though, only the ones that came through on my 9th were post-fix, and none of them had issues! So looks promising, thank you! How would you like me to communicate to you the ones that need manual fixing?

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Posting the links here is probably best. Will have most eyes on it anyway :smiley:

Hi Tanya, before we get to those, I’m not sure that the fix has really helped us out. The images in the encounter have righted themselves (first link), but even after implementing a new search, the images appear upside down still (second link).

Hi Tanya, not sure when you are back on board after christmas but hoping you had a good break and also have some time to check out the ‘fixed-not-fixed’ flipped annotations. I have about 17 affected encounters that need help. Just want to make sure the new search clocks them as fixed before continuing,

Hi Nerida!
I never saw your previous comment, I’m sorry!
We actually have to manually change over the ones that were messed up, so the fix is more of a “this shouldn’t happen in the future anymore” kind of solution. I’ll need the links for all of the encounters that have images with a discrepancy between the encounter and iaResults.

Also, this does not rotate images that are submitted upside down. So if it’s upside-down in both the encounter and iaResults, that’s something where the image will be have to be adjusted outside of the platform.

Hi Tanya, I’m not sure what you mean exactly- the photos were not submitted upside down as far as I’m aware. Can you please check to see if you can fix this one…? You must have manually fixed it I guess, according to your message, but subsequent searches dont find matches, or retain the target image as upside down. Each image results are different. And dont seem to update at all with subsequent new searches. The first link is to the affected encounter, and the subsequent one is to the search results for one image, which shows it is still represented upside down.
This encounter has the same issue.
The rest are still upside down in the encounters and so form a different category, which I’ll send separately.

Hi Tanya, here is an example of the other category (still upside in encounter). I took one encounter, deleted the incorrect image, re-uploaded it right-side-up, and did new searches. But similar to the first set, no matches seem to occur. First link is encounter, second link are match results.

Hi @tanyastere and @jason, it has been two months without a satisfactory resolution of this issue. Please help! or tell me why you cant help, thank you, Nerida

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Okay! I have gone through every encounter you posted, and worked my way through enough sea dragons to feel confident that I will never be able to tell two apart no matter how long I stare. :sweat_smile: There were (at least) two problems.
Problem 1: we had exif data that was being misinterpreted. This happened when images were right-side-up in the encounter, but upside-down in the results. I believe I have fixed all of these that pre-existed in the system, and we have prevented more of them from arising.
Problem 2: images are upside down. We do not have a way to fix this in-platform right now. These could be updated outside of the platform and resubmitted, as an immediate fix. Alternatively, we have plans for a manual rotation tool to be added to the admin capabilities. This is expected end-of-Feb-ish, and I will reach out as soon as it is available and get it to you guys, second only to the funder of the feature.

As for the image matching against the wrong locations, I’m not sure, and I’d like to move that to a different thread. This one has been murky enough, and I want to leave this open another week in case you find any more of the Type 1 Problems.