User account management: Email validation and account merge

These requests were pulled from submission by @ChrissyTustison in this post.
What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?

  • Can the report an encounter form predict the submitter/photographer name based on email and vice versa so that we don’t get duplicates? So if a name or email is already in the system, it would default to what is already being used rather than allow creating more users under the same name. For example, sometimes a duplicate account is created simply by using a capital or lowercase letter to begin typing an email address.
  • When we delete users to consolidate duplicate accounts, can these be merged into one user?

How would this functionality help you?

Okay, now that we got the admin out of the way, @ChrissyTustison, thanks for your post! These are some great points.

Just to clarify, you are hoping the system can do some basic validation with email entry, correct? So really standard checks for “is it the same email but with different capitalization”

For your second point, are you still talking about same-email-with-different-capitalization duplicate accounts? Or are you saying that some people provide different-but-legitimate accounts and they want those merged under one?


Thanks, Tanya! For the first point, yes exactly- basic validation with email entry. For the second point, yes still talking about duplicate accounts, and wanting to merge those into one, because otherwise when we just delete the duplicate accounts, it removes that user from the encounters they should be associated with that were using the duplicate. Hope that makes sense, let me know!