User Management and Top Spotters: DragonSearch

What Wildbook should this feature be in?


What would you like to see?

  • Can the user photo default to a seadragon photo if they don’t add their own? (To improve appearance of top spotters page.)
  • Can we display both top submitter and top photographer under top spotters? And also hide-remove siowam team from this leaderboard?
  • Show top three not just top one?

How would this functionality help you?

Improve appearance and functionality of top spotters, researchers, and volunteers. Make these links more relevant to our project and more streamlined to work with.

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Hi @ChrissyTustison,
I’m going to split this into two separate posts based on the content, that way we can more easily keep the conversation rolling.

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Hey @ChrissyTustison! I took a look at the dragonsearch leaderboard and it is certainly looking a bit rough around the edges. This is an area of the app that I really want to improve in the new user interface.

Most of the issues you bring up are super clear (eg. why is there only one top spotter? why are there only two columns in a space where there is clearly room for three?). However I did have a couple questions for you on the other points

  • Why do you want to remove siowam team from the leaderboard?
  • The current default user photo is sort of garish. Would it be ok for me to try a better default user photo before we explore other options?

Thanks for the help,

Hi Ben! Thanks for checking in, and I’m excited to see the new user interface that you’re working on. For your questions- we want to remove siowam team because that’s us (me, Greg, Nerida), and we don’t want to showcase ourselves, we want to showcase our citizen scientists (once we officially launch and start getting more). For the default photo, sure, let’s try a better-looking default first! Thanks, Chrissy

Makes sense, thanks for the information! I’m going to make a new default photo and pass it off to the other devs today.

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Some housekeeping on our part, since most of the work is already done or in-process:
tracking this under ticket WB-525