Wildbook Release Notes 10.1.0 - April 2024

Release notes for April 2024
We’ve made a number of updates and bug fixes to Wildbook, some of which are summarized below.

Wildbook DOI for April release

Wildbook updates:

  • Links on Bulk Import page open in a new tab #402
  • Links on Marked Individual page open in a new tab #409
  • Links on match results page open in a new tab #468
  • Click, not hover, for match comparison on match results #483 (Thank you BOEM for support in the UX research that led to match result and bulk import updates)
  • Select specific location IDs when sending for re-identification in Bulk Import #406, #447 (Thank you BOEM for support in the UX research that led to match result and bulk import updates)
  • Bulk import taxonomy validation #446
  • Added genetics export to Individual Search Kinalyzer export #454, #465 (Thank you OSU for support of updates to genetics functionality)
  • Updated English copy for Picture Book references #467
  • Fixed copy for “adopt a manta” page #469
  • Updated Standard Import template #470
  • Added session timeout popup, updated export functions, and social unit name filter #478 (Thank you T4C for development contributions for the WildEx Image Exporter and Timeout alert features)
  • Cleaned up sighting management error messages #492

Bug fixes:

  • Update to names cache now prevents lockup when Tomcat restarts #399
  • Improved performance by removing unused database connection #403
  • Fixed bug that prevented links to individuals in Co-occurence table from opening #411
  • Removed unneeded WBIA call that slowed down identification #451
  • An empty Encounter.mediaAsset1 no longer triggers missing file warning #466
  • Fixed missing Google Map Icons #482
  • Removed ‘Start Match’ / 'Start Another Match" from unmatchable manual annotation #477
  • Adding a second part+body annotation now forces a cloned Encounter #434

Development updates:

  • Updated Conservation X Labs copyright #393
  • Internationalization for footer, login page and home page #485
  • Internationalization for encounters/annotations #486
  • Updated internationalization and header style #493
  • Removed eclipse settings #396
  • Updates to devops directory for docker installation #460
  • React frontend/backend integration #476
  • Progressive web app install icons #494