Wildbook Release Notes - August 2020

Release notes for August 2020
Hey everyone! Here are the details of the major work completed over the last month.

For all Wildbooks

  • Administrators can now run detection or identification on any bulk import. This can be done from the confirmation page or from the related bulk import log.
  • Bulk imports are run in batches to improve queue management.
  • When comparing annotations for matching in IA results, you can now zoom in on the annotation.
  • Improved UI for manual annotation tool prevents errors caused by out-of-order actions.

Silo Security improvements

  • Collaboration requests can be revoked and reinstated from your account page. Revoked collaborations remain in your list for ease of access if follow up actions are required.
  • Search results can be filtered to data owned by members of your organization.

Kitizen Science
Closed out most recent survey!

Bug fixes
WB-777: Corrected Deepsense orientation predictions with Docker Manager on Flukebook
WB-776: Fix PIE errors with failing jobs in MantaMatcher job queue
WB-745: Cloning an Encounter no longer causes it to lose the Occurrence/Sighting association
WB-734: Match results menu option now only displays when matches are available
WB-735: Exception no longer thrown after detection succeeds
WB-727: Merge tool now can handle display names that have special characters
WB-726: Annotation representation in encounter gallery has been fixed
WB-715: New keyword management interface now supports keyword deletion
WB-696: Merge tool recognizes and resolves species
WB-693: Dragonsearch LocationID populating on Individual page
WB-670: Standard encounter reporting creates OccurrenceID
WB-669: Home button on confirmation pages now links to site home instead of wildbook.org
WB-664: Bulk import no longer creates empty individuals before researchers commit the import
WB-639: Spot-A-Shark USA adoption copy updated to correct name: sand tiger shark
WB-600: Dragonsearch unsubscribe email link now works
WB-558: MantaMatcher email copy no longer references Leopard Sharks
WB-517: Bulk import now successfully loads multiple encounters pointing to the same Occurrence/Sighting

Coming Soon
Matching for orca, fin whale, and humpback dorsals.
Multi-feature matching per species will allow our machine learning to identify different parts of an animal and associate them with the same individual.
Matching for right whales from lateral images of head and body.
Snow leopard detection and identification.