Wildbook Release Notes - December 2020

Release notes for December 2020
Hey everyone! Here are the details of the major work completed last month (a little later than usual!).

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  • Related WBIA DOI: DOI

For all Wildbooks

  • Improved loading time of data summary on My Account page.
  • Improved error handling around matching results.
  • Added the ability to remove an annotation.
  • Clarified the remove image option and the impact on related annotations.
  • Transitioned all ia.properties files to json to allow for consistent and flexible method of setting species, classes, and subclasses.
  • Added a simplified export based off the OBIS export. For spot mapping users, new export indicates if left and/or right side images are available per encounter.
  • Update the spot mapping tool to relate the created annotations to their mediaAssets.

Flukebook updates

  • New location IDs have been added.
  • Orca data has been retrained to resolve data sanitation issue.
  • Released a new lightnet model for humpback whales with a balance of fluke and dorsal annotations.

GiraffeSpotter updates
A new location ID has been added.

SeadragonSearch updates
Improved submitter and photographer leaderboards.

Spotting Sea Bass updates

  • New location IDs have been added.
  • Update behavior input on encounter submission to be a set list rather than general text entry.
  • Prevent video download unless the user is signed in.

Lynx updates
New organizations have been added to support the expanding user base.

Kitizen updates

  • Admin only view of encounters displays the submitter’s username.
  • Restored missing zoom icons.

Bug Fixes

  • WB-1242: Restored position and function of “Add New Name” button on Individual page
  • WB-1239: Typeahead matching to set Individual ID on encounterpage now only suggests individuals from the same species.
  • WB-1238: Security update for several platforms to enable HTTPS for related IA servers.
  • WB-1231: Sea Bass video download is now blocked for anonymous users on all supported browsers.
  • WB-1226: Handled an exception with Twitterbot.
  • WB-1215: Flukebook: resolved and prevented correction caused by inconsistent IaClass labels.
  • WB-1214: Resolved security update from Chrome that appeared to invalidate site credentials.
  • WB-1194: Annotation interface now displays thumbnail in individual list on Chrome.
  • WB-1187: Resolved 500 error caused by selection of species that is not configured in IA.json
  • WB-1183: Resolved display issue with null GPS coordinates.
  • WB-1173: Prevented Bulk Import from accepting .tiff images as they are not supported for image analysis.
  • WB-1168: Force manual annotation to display iaClasses appropriate to the species associated with the annotation.
  • WB-1159: Resolved runtime bugs in the GraphAlgorithm interface.
  • WB-1154: iaResults displays names instead of UUIDs again.
  • WB-1147: Individual search analysis tab no longer throws an error.
  • WB-1118: Manual annotation recognizes part annotations as part of the encounter and does not clone the encounter.
  • WB-1107: Bulk Import now takes in noticeable scarring field as a text field.
  • WB-945: Made adjustments to encounter splitting logic.
  • WB-646: Collaborations now require both users to accept the level of sharing (view vs edit).
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