Wildbook Release Notes - July 2020

Release notes for July 2020
Hey everyone! Here are the details of the major work completed over the last month.

Upcoming online training!
As part of ongoing efforts to improve your Wildbook resources, we’re going to begin to offer online training once a month! We’re hoping to get your ideas for topics, and the topic of the first session will be announced by the 14th. Feel free to reply to this thread with any ideas!

New data sets available
Wild Me is releasing two data sets to spur new research into machine learning and wildlife Photo ID. Use these lings to download Whale Shark and Plains Zebra data sets.

For all Wildbooks

  • Manual Annotation tool is now available in Beta! Should detection fail, you can create an annotation yourself. See the wiki for more information.
  • Labeled keywords are supported in bulk import. Name a column for a labeled keyword and provide an associated value for any encounter. Labeled keyword names can be found in the keyword dropdown on a MediaAsset.
  • Keywords have been moved from the encounter thumbnail to the expanded image, improving visibility.
  • Collaborations can be initiated from your user account page instead of requiring a user to find another user’s encounter.

MantaMatcher updates
We have incorporated the PIE algorithm into MantaMatcher, a new method for ID!

African Carnivore Wildbook updates
Cheetahs are now available for matching.

Kitizen Science updates

  • Export of volunteer log.
  • Associating the time and path of a route with a user profile.

Bug fixes
WB-629: Broken links removed from encounter and search pages.
WB-643: Social relationships can be edited if you edit the overview first.
WB-637: Assets with OccurrenceID no longer detaching encounter when sent to IA.
WB-630: Scan results no longer overlapping.
WB-603: Improved clarity around StandImport feedback.
WB-599: Negative GPS latitude is maintained on bulk import, even if cells are ill-formatted.
WB-598: Encounter.photographerX.fullName importing correctly.
WB-563: Encounters can be removed from an individual, even if the individual is part of a social unit.
WB-562: Observations can be deleted.
WB-453: The password reset pages no longer reflect whaleshark.org by default.
WB-408: Multiple social memberships are now allowed and editable.
WB-385: Resolved issue with iaUpdateSpecies that caused split databases and failed detections.
WB-373: Individuals page has improved menu visibility.

Coming Soon
We’re currently alpha-testing a rapid assessment tool, which allows researchers to process a bulk import as a whole and see the states of all encounters within the import.