Wildbook Release Notes - June 2021

Release notes for June 2021
Hey everyone! Here are the details of the major work completed over the last month.

Wildbook DOI for June release
To reference Wildbook in a publication, use the following DOIs:

  • Wildbook DOI: DOI
  • Related WBIA DOI: DOI

New Wildbooks

For all Wildbooks

  • We have changed to a new adoption subscription manager. If you would like to allow adoptions on your platform to help cover costs, contact tstere@wildme.org for more information.
  • New locations have been added to IOT, Whiskerbook, and Amphibian & Reptile Wildbook.
  • Platforms leveraging spotmapping scans are now restricted to 50 spots per scan.

African Carnivore updates

  • Brown hyenas are now available and support matching.
  • New organizations have joined the community and have been added to the platform.

Flukebook updates
IndoCet custom import form has been updated.

Seadragon Search updates
Submissions now require confirmation of terms of use.

MantaMatcher updates
MantaMatcher has been shifted to a standardized VM, reducing support overhead.

Bug Fixes

  • WB-1696: EXIF rotation in IA results is now more consistent.
  • WB-1691: Job tasks are now correctly associating with annotations.
  • WB-1690: Individual reference numbers are associating correctly.
  • WB-1687: Manual annotations species are getting the needed reference IDs for MediaAssets and Annotations for the catalog to build correctly.
  • WB-1686: MantaMatcher encounter pages are displaying assets correctly.
  • WB-1684: Whaleshark.org successfully allows encounter submission after projects-related database error was resolved.
  • WB-1680: Individual thumbnails no longer duplicating in the gallery.
  • WB-1672: Bulk imports can be deleted.
  • WB-1665: Users are informed of query with no match-against set before running the job.
  • WB-1661: Lynx encounters pages are now displaying assets correctly.
  • WB-1652: Adoption exception was resolved.
  • WB-1648: Single-asset uploads handle special characters.
  • WB-1632: Manual annotation no longer shrinks and offsets the annotation display.
  • WB-1593: Country propogates to cloned encounters.
  • WB-1580: Usernames can be updated by admins and the account retain access to owned encounters.
  • WB-1568: Sightings search by species is working.
  • WB-1566: Bulk import instructions for Zebra Wildbook now display.
  • WB-1556: Marked Individual cache for SAS USA builds correctly.
  • WB-1553: IoT annotations no longer being split based on species categorization issues.
  • WB-1519: IA Results are correctly filtering by project again.
  • WB-1505: Match results take the user to the correct annotation.
  • WB-1482: Shark images are correctly displayed from grid on SAS USA.
  • WB-1455: Manual annotation page now handles image filename paths with unsupported characters.
  • WB-1392: Manual annotation tool correctly displays existing annotations.
  • WB-775: Bulk import processes special characters.
  • WB-668: Required fields in manual submissions have been clarified.

Wildbook-IA Release Notes
The following updates were made to WBIA last month.

  • SAGE-293: Presented two posters at CVPR workshop “CV 4 Animals” on 1) the continual ID curation problem and 2) CurvRank V2
  • SAGE-199: Wild Horse detection and ID report and new support added for wild horse face ID with PIE V2 [also SAGE-272, SAGE-323]
  • SAGE-329: Exported evaluation results for SDRP for dorsal fin matching and to support independent verification against algorithms like FinFindR
  • SAGE-325: Investigated reports of matching errors using HotSpotter for Grevys zebra
  • SAGE-324: New dataset annotation work for Beluga whale calves [SAGE-327]
  • SAGE-324: New dataset annotation work for elephant ear contours [SAGE-326]
  • SAGE-20: New CurvRank V2 and PIE V2 support for gray whales added to WBIA and deployed to Flukebook [SAGE-298]
    SAGE-236: Successful simulation results using LCA on large datasets for Grevy’s zebra * proving viability and accuracy [also many others]