Wildbook Release Notes - March and April 2022

Release notes for March and April 2022
Hey everyone! Here are the details of the major work completed over the last two months.

Wildbook DOI for April release
To reference Wildbook in a publication, use the following DOIs:

  • Wildbook DOI: DOI

Wildbook community updates

  • New locations have been added to Flukebook, Amphibian, and GiraffeSpotter.
  • Hyenas have been added to Whiskerbook.
  • Lions have been added to ACW
  • Projects have been updated to reflect user feedback, including sortability and visibility of sightings.
  • Bulk import now displays information about queue times.
  • Start Match, from the encounter page, now shows information about the queue times.
  • GiraffeSpotter has improved prefix digit padding.

Bug fixes

  • WB-1959: Restored the ability to set individual ID on unmatched Encounters.
  • WB-1947: Links to match results from projects now go to the correct matches.
  • WB-1941: Project links to matching results now tied to the appropriate encounter rather than the associated bulk import.
  • WB-1933: Sharkbook is now more stable.
  • WB-1910: Recaptcha has been restored on Lynx Wildbook.
    *WB-1909: Bugs have been addressed in the SOCPROG and CAPTURE export formats.

Wildbook-IA Release Notes
The following updates were made to WBIA last month:

  • SAGE-444: Added PIE V2 support for lion faces, allowing automated matching for baseline comparisons.
  • SAGE-503: Investigate train/validation split correctness with the PIE V2 algorithm.
  • SAGE-489: Publish all WBIA plugins on PyPI.
  • SAGE-432: All Azure-based ML APIs have been migrated to on-premises hardware.