Wildbook Release Notes - May 2020

Release notes for May 2020

Hey everyone! Here are the details of the major work completed over the last month.

For all Wildbooks

  • Improved management and visualization of social relationships in pack- and pod-based social species. This includes support for direct individual-to-individual relationships (e.g., mother-calf) as well as social unit membership, like Pinchy as part of GOS.

    You can view all members of a social unit at once.

    And this work integrates directly with the visualization of relationships of Marked Individuals that went live last month!
  • Improved documentation to support the Bulk Import feature, a capability currently in alpha state that allows a researcher to upload multiple encounters at once.
    Encounter.livingStatus (e.g., alive/dead), Encounter.identificationRemarks, and Encounter.informOthers fields are now also importable.
    In addition to the documentation, when importing a measurement, Wildbook now allows the measurement name (ex: Water Depth) rather than the database reference (Ex: Measurement3).
  • Improved system monitoring to ensure better platform stability.

Flukebook updates

  • Cache cleanup that improved performance for CurvRank, FinFindR, Kaggle7, and HotSpotter.
  • Improve workflow when associating images with Whale Alert data.
  • Allow surveys to be exported to OBIS-Seamap.
  • Create a link between the DIGITS NARW catalog and Flukebook matching results for North Atlantic right whales.
  • Performance and security improvements for the display of whales and dolphins with large numbers of Encounters.

African Carnivore updates

  • New user agreements and links available those uploading, signing in, or reviewing the site.
  • The African Carnivore community continues to grow with the addition of Cheetah support.

MantaMatcher updates

  • The MantaMatcher community continues to grow with the addition of two new species: Bull Ray and Honeycomb Stingray.
  • Machine learning has been updated to more modern and performant algorithm, HotSpotter, while maintaining the old MM algorithm for consistency.
  • LocationID for Indonesia has 4 major subregions: Komodo, Nusa Penida, Raja Ampat, Sangalaki were added.

Internet of Turtles updates

  • Supported customers with the import of 1667 turtles.

Bug fixes

  • WB-410: WBIA now internally checks it’s state every 24 hours to delete or modify records that are out of sync with Flukebook for caching purposes.
  • WB-403: Ensure no marine-based fields are visible on sightings for non-marine Wildbook applications.
  • WB-402: Ensure Seadragon encounters are assigned the correct species so annotation of part and body are correctly associated.
  • WB-398: Resolved some email routing issues on the MantaMatcher platform.
  • WB-397: Ensure that IA instances running outside of containers are checked and monitored.
  • WB-367: Defensive coding implemented to ensure exceptions cannot corrupt customer data.
  • WB-279: Encounters have all information needed, such as OccurrenceID, to allow standard actions, such as deletion.
  • WB-232: Remove unused annotations from CurvRank to improve performance.
  • WB-225: Prevent data corruption caused by ID conflict on standard import.
    Is your issue not on this list? Check the Bug Reports forum to see if we have your issue in the backlog, and if not, drop us a line!

Coming soon

  • Wildbook’s IA software stack will soon be rebranded on Github to “wbia”, an abbreviation for “WildBook Image Analysis”.