Wildbook Release Notes - October 2020

Release notes for October 2020
Hey everyone! Here are the details of the major work completed over the last month.

For all Wildbooks

  • Merge individuals 14 day timer now works by access instead of ownership.
  • IA classes are now managed via json, allowing for greater flexibility in how species can be managed.
  • New data integrity tools are available for admins.
  • Merged individuals maintain all social relationships from previous individuals.
  • Encounters can be deleted without remnants showing in related encounters.
  • Different match options can be managed from the match results page.
  • The merge page now displays dropdowns with values instead of text boxes for species and sex resolution.
  • Incorrectly rotated images are being processed differently.

Community Growth

  • New locations were added for Seadragon Search and GiraffeSpotter.
  • Seadragon Search has an updated user/visitor agreement.
  • African Wild Carnivore has updated Terms of Use and updated information about their new partnerships.
  • Snow leopards are now supported on jaguar.wildbook.org

Flukebook updates

  • Projects released into Alpha on Flukebook. See Projects | Wild Me Docs.
  • The right whales labeler was retrained.
  • A new right whale algorithm for lateral matching was deployed.

Bug fixes
WB-1024: Merging individuals no longer throws an exception if an individual has been modified since the merge timer started.
WB-1001: Behavior search now supports quotation marks.
WB-983: Tweet-a-whale now works.
WB-977: Delete bulk import removes all annotations that were imported.
WB-957: The Next button for spot match results now works.
WB-943: Spot-A-Shark USA’s picture download no longer links to Spot-A-Shark AUS.
WB-768: Bulk import detections for ACW were improved.
WB-744: Social relationship edit and remove buttons now display and work.
WB-649: Bulk import better processes valid columns in the feedback report.

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