Wildbook Release Notes - October 2021

Release notes for October 2021
Hey everyone! Here are the details of the major work completed over the last month.

Wildbook DOI for October release
To reference Wildbook in a publication, use the following DOIs:

  • Wildbook DOI: DOI

For all Wildbooks

  • Spot mapping has been refined to only match patterns from the same species.
  • Data integrity checks now include a check for viewpoint = null.
  • Bulk import now handles and displays progress of acmID registration of uploaded images.
  • Bulk import review page improvements have been made.
  • Social relationships and co-occurrences now load faster.

Whaleshark.org is now Sharkbook.ai

  • New species and locations have been added to the platform.
  • The platform has been generalized to reference sharks broadly.
  • The domain has been updated.
  • SAS AUS, Leopard shark, and Sevengill databases have all been consolidated into the sharkbook platform.

GrouperSpotter updates
Configuration updates have been managed.

Seadragon Search updates
New locations have been added.

ACW updates
New behaviors and life stages have been added.

IOT updates
New location and related region role have been added.

Bug Fixes

  • WB-1854: Encounter Search mark-recapture search includes capture sessions that occur on the same day as the session end time.
  • WB-1808: The “Add to existing individual ID” function no longer has an unneeded dependency on the ShowTaxonomy configuration option.
  • WB-1795: Script developed to ensure all unique emails are hashed correctly.
  • WB-1785: Project matching has improved user feedback regarding IA status.
  • WB-1574: IA tasks are no longer causing recursive references.
  • WB-1480: SAS USA is now filtering to USA sharks only.
  • WB-1093: An exception in the social relationships no longer occurs.

Wildbook-IA Release Notes
The following updates were made to WBIA last month:

  • SAGE-387: Release of WBIA version 3.7.2, avaiable on GitHub, PyPI, and Docker Hub.
  • SAGE-378: New support for Asian turtle detection (added to the existing IoT model that supports 6 species of sea turtle) with report [also SAGE-306, SAGE-381]
  • SAGE-351: New sperm whale ID support with PIE V2 with report [also SAGE-336]
  • SAGE-175: New beluga whale photo ID competition dataset [also SAGE-173, SAGE-174]
  • SAGE-169: BOEM project report for grey whales, including investigation of Catalogue platform [also SAGE-360, SAGE-368]
  • SAGE-393: New data annotation for whale shark spots for new ML applications
  • SAGE-371: New data annotation for dorsal fin edge contours for new NOAA project

Bug Fixes

  • SAGE-391: Background subtraction failing with new model files exported with NumPy float64 data type
  • SAGE-386: Background subtraction added missing support for bottlenose_dolphin+fin_dorsal