Wildboook Release Notes - November 2021

Release notes for November 2021
Hey everyone! Here are the details of the major work completed over the last month.

Wildbook DOI for November release
To reference Wildbook in a publication, use the following DOIs:

  • Wildbook DOI: DOI

For all Wildbooks

  • Updated the picturebook keywords to reflect keywords general to the community.

IOT welcomes new species from the land!
We have added a few new species, Southern Vietnamese box turtle (Cuora picturata) and Bourret’s box turtle (Cuora bouretti), to the Internet of Turtles.

Flukebook updates

  • Increased the picture book maximum from 10 to 250 individuals.
  • New location IDs.

Seadragon Search updates

  • New location IDs.

Spot-A-Shark USA updates

  • New location IDs.

GrouperSpotter updates

  • Configuration updates and management.

Bug Fixes

  • WB-1878: Norppagalleria email configuration resolved.
  • WB-1871: SAS USA submitted encounters emails now getting to users.
  • WB-1870: SAS USA users can see their own submitted encounters once more.
  • WB-1868: Resolve SAS AUS locations in sharkbook.ai.
  • WB-1865: SAS USA has no duplicate life stages.
  • WB-1864: GiraffeSpotter IA pipeline issues resolved.
  • WB-1862: Encounter tables on individual pages showing correct cooccurrence.
  • WB-1860: Spot-mapping spots saving correctly on Sharkbook.ai.
  • WB-1857: Collaborations issues resolved.
  • WB-1851: Encounter page is now centered on the actual encounter GPS.
  • WB-1845: IOT data now processes apostrophes in locationID correctly.
  • WB-1786: SAS USA encounter image now working.
  • WB-1739: Import tasks no longer causing a key violation.
  • WB-1621: Projects now set ID when using the Confirm No Match button.
  • WB-1565: SAS USA grid pages now show individual links instead of UUIDs.

Wildbook-IA Release Notes
The following updates were made to WBIA last month:

  • SAGE-357: New eagle ray detector and related detection pipeline models, including orientation network support. [also SAGE-429]
  • SAGE-465: Update Wildbook-IA’s Docker images to use Ubuntu 20.04, CUDA 11.3, OpenCV 4.3 and support multi-arch builds with arm64, adding support for Apple’s new M1 processors [also SAGE-435]
  • SAGE-332: Add a new Version 2 API definition and spec to WBIA, building support for better and more secure communication with Codex in the future
  • SAGE-466: New background engine API for bulk importing images into a WBIA database
  • SAGE-419: Migrate all Prometheus and Grafana status monitoring for spotashark.com to sharkbook.ai

Bug Fixes

  • SAGE-434: Fix WBIA review interface by removing the “viewpoint2” annotation tool
  • SAGE-471: Update all background job engine API calls to support the new “callback_detailed” flag
  • SAGE-468: Fix WBIA’s handling of RGBA and HDR images
  • SAGE-410: Fix WBIA Docker image launch runtime error on non-GPU host machines
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