"Workflow" column in the encounters table

Hi :slight_smile:

What Wildbook should this feature be in?
Whiskerbook (+ others?)

It would be very useful to have an additional column to indicate the workflow state :

What would you like to see?
Multiple users told me that it was not practical and time-consuming not to see the workflow state in the encounters table. This forces them to open their encounters one by one (or to do multiple searches) to find out which have been processed (“approved” or “unidentifiable”) and which have not yet been (“unapproved”).

Note : I have almost never seen any data in the “Alternate ID” column which therefore seems of little use in this table, perhaps it could be reused for the “workflow state” if it’s easier than adding one column ?

As a workaround until this can get reviewed, users can filter their searches for approved, unapproved, or unidentifiable Encounters using Metadata filters > Encounter types to narrow down their search results.

Thanks for your feedback. Just because you haven’t seen the Alternate ID column used in Whiskerbook doesn’t mean it’s not present in other Wildbooks. I can see results with an alternate ID in Amphibian Reptile Wildbook, for example.

Yes, obviously :+1: There are also some in Whiskerbook, I don’t know if it’s useful or not, it was just a hint to help.

I’m waiting for it to be reviewed, then :slight_smile: