Zebra Bulk Upload Broken (URGENT)

Hi there,

I’m posting this to let you know that zebra bulk import has effectively ceased to function. This is a problem because it impacts the Mpala team in kenya’s ability to move forward with a lot of their work.
Basically the photo upload/review and spreadsheet selection pages are fine, but when you get to the page that is supposed to show a copy of the upload spreadsheet before you commit results, the import table is blank and all the fields beginning with “Encounter.mediaAsset0” are listed as NOT imported (and ultimately do not got through). This includes the image and all labeled key words.
I did a test run with the same spreadsheet format I have successfully utilized in the past, so it should not be an issue with the headers.
If you could look into this for us ASAP, we would really appreciate it.


Hi @fiona_logansankey

I restarted the server. We believe there is an Excel-reading software library that can get “stale” (for lack of a technical term) over time. Often times when related specifically to the column Encounter.mediaAsset0 not being imported, a simple server restart solves the issue.

Can you please retry?


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Hi @jason,
It’s running again. Thank you!

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